Welcome October!

Helloooo October! As of many, October is one of my favorite months. Fall is finally setting in and the air is changing to crisp. It all just makes me smile thinking about it. Well, let us get to it! The site got a complete remake for fall. The plan is to change the site as the seasons change. I don't know a lot of businesses that change their website. So, just like the company name suggests, I'm going to keep things unique and different!
Let's talk about this fall drop and get a little more personal information behind it. 
I started the fall collection in early September with the idea that I was taking ALL of September to create and make products for everyone. I got this wild idea that I needed to do a craft fair. So I did. The show was on September 16th, and it went very well! The week after the show I was completely and utterly burnt out. I would try to make something and end up hating it halfway through. Sometimes the wire wouldn't bend right or my hands just wouldn't hold the stone right and it would just send me over the edge. Not to mention I have a mobile 11-month-old who is into everything. She's wonderful but she's a lot of energy as well. Needless to say, I was super overwhelmed for a good week and in my mind, I wanted to have everything done by October 1st. I made myself take a step back and say, "Hey, people will still be there. Give yourself grace." Once I gave myself room to breathe and got some fresh air, the creative juices started flowing again. I can't make anything if I'm in a negative headspace. So feeling positive again, I present to you, the Fall Collection! We've got pumpkins, crystal chip necklaces, bracelets, spooky keychains, and so much more!
Enjoy! Happy October all!

Ps. I'm going to have a Friday the 13th drop with the casket necklaces and more this month! So make sure your following us on social media.

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